Frequently Asked Questions -

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to Apply / Remove Gel Nail Polish?

A1. Please check the video to show you how to apply and remove the Gel Nail Polish. (

Q2. I don't like to file my nails. Can I skip this step?

A2. The purpose of filing the nail is to make the surface of the nail rough so the gel polish can stay on longer. Every single person's nails have a different kind of condition. However, if you don't file your nails before applying Gel 7 Gel Polish, the polish can still last 7 to 14 days, depending on the quality of your nails.

Q3. Why does the Gel Polish chip on the edge of my nails?

A3. If the Gel Polish was brushed outside the edges of the nail by accident, clean the unwanted polish before putting it under the LED light for drying. It is also important to remember to brush the Gel Polish on the front edge of the nail to prevent chipping.

Q4.What is the biggest difference between Gel 7 Gel Polish and other brands of Gel Polish?

A4. Gel 7 Gel Polish does not contain any of artificial solvents, which are harmful to the human body. Additionally, Gel 7 Gel Polish provides the most saturated color and shine. One thin layer of Gel 7 Gel Polish will make you proud of your nails.

Q5. Some of the regular nail polish (including 1-Step or 2-Step without using UV/LED light) products on the market claim the quality of the result is the same as Gel Polish. Is there any difference?

A5. First of all, regular nail polish and most of other brands' of Gel Polish are made of organic solvents. Second of all, the Gel Polish can last longer and provide better shine and color.

Q6. Why does the Base Gel feel a bit sticky after 30 seconds of LED light?

A6. Gel Polish uses 3 layers of gels: Base, Color and Top. The Base and Color gels need to be sticky after 30 seconds of LED lighting so the next layer of gel can adhere to it. After applying and drying the Top Gel, the nail will be smooth and pretty.

Q7. Can I use regular nail polish remover to remove the Gel Polish?

A7. Yes. But for the best result you better use Gel Polish remover.

Q8. Do you know why my nails get thinner and ruined after using Gel polish for a while?

A8. Because most of the Base Gels of Gel Polish use cheap Resin (a sticky flammable organic substance), or add strong acid (Ph value 3 or even 1) to help the bonding. The Ph value of Gel 7 Base Gel polish is 6.

Q9. Is there a faster way to remove the Gel Polish?

A9. Please use a nail file to remove the Top Gel first.

Q10. Why do my nails get wrinkles even after finishing UV or LED lighting?

A10. Because the Gel applied on your nails is too thick. We recommend applying a thin layer then putting it under the LED light. If you feel the color is not saturated, you can put another layer and put it under the light again.